Neutral venue is not a disadvantage: Gokul

Online Staff/GUWAHATI, Oct 5: Assam will start new Ranji Trophy season tomorrow against Delhi. On the eve of the match, Assam captain Gokul Sharma spoke to krirangan over telephone from Baroda, the venue of the game. Here the expert
How is the preparation?
Over all the preparation is good. However here in Baroda it is not satisfactory as rain has created a lot of problems and we were not able to make net session properly. Weather forecast predicts more rains in the next few days which also keep us little bit anxious.
Have you finalized first XI?
It’s almost final. But we want to wait till tomorrow morning. We have not looked the wicket properly as it is covered because of rain. We will take final decision on the first XI after going through the wicket properly tomorrow morning.
It will possible give you little relief as the team is almost same this time that played last season.
Yes. It is true. As a captain it’s a big advantage for me because I don’t need to guide the players every time because they are well aware of their responsibilities.
Assam will play under a new coach this season. Your comment on the style of working of new coach
No areas to lodge any complain. Sunil Joshi sir is guiding the team very nicely. The young members are highly benefited from his presence in the team. On the other hand spin department too has got fresh oxygen.
Cricket lovers of Assam will have huge expectation from your team this season. Will it put any extra pressure on your team?
Not really. Look, a team can’t ensure before the start of a competition that they will win the trophy. It is possible only if the team can perform well throughout the competition. I told my boys to forget past and take a fresh guard as it is a new season and we have to start from zero. If we can perform according to our merit and ability there is no reason to repeat the performance of last season this time also.
No home advantage this season. Is it a disadvantage?
I won’t see it’s a disadvantage for us at all. This year all the teams will play their games in neutral venues so there is no home advantage for any team. On the other hand I feel playing neutral venue will help us as we will get sporting wicket and my bowlers, particularly pacers, will get good assistance from it