Qualifying round of CEM’s soccer from Oct 21

HAFLONG, Oct 15: The qualifying round of the 12th CEM’s Cup Invitational Football Tournament Carnival will kick off from October 21.The meet will be held at NL Daolagupu Sports Complex at Haflong. Altogether 12 teams- Harangajao SA, Mahur SA, Kukistan Club, Garampani SA, Evergreen Club, Blue Hills FC (Maibang SA), SHAN FC, HBAC, Fiangpui YC, Dima United (Garampani SA), Warriors of Waimijing and Bethel YC will participate in the qualifying round and they are divided into 3 groups. One team from each group will qualify for the Quarter Finals which will be held in Round Robin League basis.
21/10/2016 (Time 5:00 pm)- Harangajao S.A Vs Mahur S.A.
22/10/2016 (Time3:00 pm)- Kukistan Club Vs Garampani SA
25/10/2016 Winner of 21/10/2016 Vs Winner of 22/10/2016
22/10/2016 (Time 5:00 pm)- Evergreen Club Vs Blue Hills FC (Maibang SA)
23/10/2016 (Time 5:00 pm)- SHAN FC Vs H.B.A.C
26/10/2016-Winner of 22/10/2016 Vs Winner of 23/10/2016
23/10/2016 (Time 3:00 pm)- Fiangpui YC Vs Dima United (Garampani SA)
24/10/2016 (Time 5:00pm)- Warriors of Waimijing Vs Bethel YC
27/10/2016- Winner of 23/10/2016 Vs Winner of 24/10/2016