About Us

Welcome to www.krirangan.com, a website dedicated to sporting events of Northeast India in general, and Assam in particular. It’s not that sporting news from India and rest of the world shall not find a place here.

It is being increasingly felt by sports aficionados that despite the proliferation of media and its forms, very little attention have been given to spread the news of sporting events, happening in the Northeast of India, across the country. We feel the time is ripe to make a beginning to bring these events to the public notice in web form.

Succeeding generations will miss out on the glorious sporting tradition that Assam and the Northeast boasts unless it is brought to limelight. This website shall endeavour to bring to you, from time to time, articles focusing on events of the yester years and decades, as well as a rich repository of photographs and statistics.

Records and news from district associations shall be updated on a regular basis to bring to the readers' attention what is actually going on in the sporting world.

Like any sportsperson, improvement shall be our motto.

For any queries or information please mail us: info@krirangan.com